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commercial roof maintenance programs protect your investment and your business by identifying the obvious and hidden dangers that threaten your roofing system’s performance and integrity. How well a roof performs over time depends not only to the quality of installation but also how well the roof is maintained. Since the roof is probably the largest single depreciating element in the average building, and is expected to require replacement at least once in the life of the building, it makes sense to have a comprehensive maintenance and roof restoration service.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Your roof is one of the largest single depreciating elements in the average Chicagoland commercial building. Your commercial roof is expected to require replacement at least once in the life of the building.

Residential Roof Repair

Finding a roof leak on a residential home can be a challenge. Water seems to follow the path of least resistance.

Custom Design Roofs

The roofing industry is constantly changing and we at Matthews Roofing are dedicated to staying on top of the rules and regulations. We provide outstanding,

Roof Inspections and Certifications

Bowles Roofing offers Roof Inspections for your Insurance and mortgage needs or simply for your peace of mind. Inspections will be based on a “Poor, Fair or Good” Scale and will detail any issues found as well as estimate the remaining life on your roof.

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Whether you are in need of roofing services for your residential or commercial roof, Bowles Roofing is the company to call.


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They (roofers st helens) put a New roof on my house, they did a Wonderful job and cleaned up afterwards, I got GAF Driftwood Architectural Shingles, it’s Beautiful!! Love it!! Thank You!!

After my home received damages from Hurricane Irma I tried calling multiple roofing companies to repair my roof. I knew everyone would be busy after the storm, but the people at the other places were rude and disrespectful.

as well as county and state code roofing updates (my roof was 22 years old) . Explained how they would proceed…especially if it rained.

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Amazing Roof Repair Tricks Everyone Should Know

Amazing Roof Repair Tricks Everyone Should Know

Whether you’re living in a tropical or a rainy weather, you need to make sure you have the perfect roofing for your house or office. If you want to enjoy living a peaceful life, you definitely need to look for a better roofing system. While you may try to enjoy the amazing roofing system in your house, you will still need to understand the repairing and maintenance of the roofing system.

There are many many ways to ensure your roofing system is repaired and maintained, the following are a few which can be used for this purpose:

1. Fixing the Underwood Roof

Instead of making an effort on the upside of the roof, you need to make an effort underneath the roof to make sure it keeps working and stays strengthened. If you want to make sure the roof is strong and stays fixed no matter what the weather or the conditions are, you need to put an effort in the underneath of the roof.

There needs to be wooden slabs and planks adjusted in the bottom of the roof to make sure you can enjoy letting the roof stay fixed and strong. Even metal roof repairs Brisbane can be strengthened by simply adding wooden planks underneath so there is proper insulation and no issues concerning the water stagnating inside the roof.

2. Purchase Extra Metal Sheeting

There are times when slight pieces and sections of the roof break and fall off like bricks. In order to make sure that the metal sheeting is taken care of and does not cause any issues, there needs to be extra purchasing of the metal sheeting that is already placed onto the roof. Make sure you always have extra sheeting in case of an urgent repair. You cannot simply go and buy a new metal sheeting every time there is a minor hole or damage in the sheet.

It is always advised to make sure you buy extra sheeting that can help you enjoy saving big on maintaining your roof. You do not have to purchase a new sheet every time you need some repair or maintenance. You simply have to call a professional to ensure the things are taken care of and are ensued to be maintained throughout the time period.

3. Cleaning the Gutter

Another pro tip while repairing and maintaining your roof is to clean the gutter. There is a lot of accumulated materials and debris in the gutter which can be further clogged in the gutter. You need to make sure the gutter is cleaned first and can be enjoyed without making an issue.

You need to make sure that the gutter can be cleaned earlier on and ensure you need to repair and maintain the roof.

Prevention of falls from skylights, roofs and roofs

Prevention of falls from skylights, roofs and roofs

To improve the prevention of falls from a height in the building sector, we briefly present a technical seminar on the topic of works at a height organized on 15 January 2015 in Rome by the Safety Commission in temporary and mobile construction sites set up at the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rome , in collaboration with ISOPAN SPA
In the seminar, entitled ” Work on skylights, roofs and roofs. Analysis of the art. 148 – Legislative Decree 81/08 Special works “, the topic of falls prevention, of the obligations related to work on roofs  and skylights, with reference also to Article 148 of the Consolidated Law , was discussed  .
We will briefly discuss the proceedings of the seminar – published on the Order’s website – which deal with various aspects of the design of security on the roofing :
– coverage of workplaces – access ;
– structural types of coverings ;
– design criteria ;
– example of security .
Referring to a complete reading of the slides related to the proceedings of the seminar, full of explanatory images, we focus on the issue of access to coverage with reference to the content of the technical coverage , a document containing design information, technical requirements, certifications of conformity and other information for the prevention of risks of falling from a height.
The document focuses on various types of access and emphasizes that “the use of a ladder as a workstation is allowed only in cases where the use of other safer equipment is not justified due to the limited level of risk and the short duration of use or particular characteristics of the sites that can not be changed “.
Various measures are presented for possible access with stairs .
For example:
– “the ladder must rest on a stable, resistant support of adequate dimensions;
– avoid sliding the ladder by fixing one end or using non-slip feet or other equivalent solutions;
– if the staircase is used to access a threshold, it must protrude by at least one meter;
– use the ladder in such a way as to always have a secure grip, even when carrying loads “;
– “before going up, fix the safety devices that some stairs have;
– fixing a ladder at one of its ends is always a good rule “.
Information is then provided on particular types of access, such as access with fixed ladders with guards : “it is not mandatory to be bound during the progression, but the cage does not adequately protect in the event of a fall”.
Regarding the design criteria, the slides focus on different elements: from the worker’s restraint to the elasticity of the rope, from the waist line to the pendulum effect, from the installation height to the air tie, …
Recall that the pendulum effect is constituted by the “uncontrollable and uncontrollable oscillatory movement that a body connected by a flexible system (rope or cable) to an anchor can suffer as a result of a fall”. And it is “the greater the greater the possibility of lateral oscillation. It stops when the body reaches its own equilibrium. The worst condition occurs near the corners of the roof “.
In particular, the pendulum effect can expose the worker “to the risk of violent collision against lateral obstacles”. It is also essential “to pay particular attention to the positioning of the anchors so as to eliminate or reduce this effect and thus avoid the operator to hit obstacles or impacts on the ground”.
Finally we focus on some aspects of the example of security proposed in the slides.
The safety procedure starts with an inspection .
The visit must identify:
– “survey of the roof (indicating skylights, openings, tanks, plants and what is present);
– survey under cover (indicating systems, free heights, bridge cranes machinery, etc.);
– survey of the supporting structure and stratigraphy of the roof “.
Learning from mistakes: if the cover is not break-resistant

Learning from mistakes: if the cover is not break-resistant

The problem of falls from the other, however, is not just an Italian problem, and today we focus on an injury cardpublished on the Suva site , a Swiss institute for insurance and accident prevention.
A Suva card is dedicated to the fall of a worker from a roof, related to the Swiss campaign ” Vision 250 lives “, entitled ” Worker breaks through a roof and is seriously injured “.
The case
A new shed is annexed to an old barn of a farm. And a worker, a temporary worker, is covering a barn roof with corrugated fiber cement sheets together with a colleague .
In particular, the colleague has to “mount ridge flashings” and the first worker carries the pieces on the roof by choosing the most direct route and passing through the roof of the old barn.
Suddenly one of these slabs, become fragile with time, breaks under his feet and the worker falls from a height of 6.5 meters inside the barn, reporting serious injuries.
Why did the accident happen?
The Suva card indicates that:
– the worker climbed on a non-breaking roof without a fall arrester. “He and his superior did not realize the danger or underestimated the risks. In this situation, all the workers would have to say STOP “(ie to stop the work);
– “the protection measures were incomplete. A safety net had been installed under the load-bearing structure of the new barn. ” However, “the roofers forgot to secure the roof of the old barn. At the very least they would have to block access to the old roof “;
– “on the whole roof there were no catwalks. The company had not established clear working instructions on how to intervene on a non-break-resistant cover or in its immediate vicinity. In the preparation phase of the works, we “forgot” to secure the roof of the old barn and to position the walkways “.
So, summarizing, these are the causal factors of the accident:
– workers climbed on a roof that was not resistant to breakage ;
 – the roof of the old barn, not resistant to breakage, had neither been barred nor secured;
– the company had not written clear work instructions in writing “;
– superiors and employees had not been sensitized to stop work in this situation.
To offer some suggestions for the prevention of this type of incident, the Suva sheet proposes reading the Suva document concerning the ” Nine vital rules for those working on roofs and facades “. 
Let’s briefly recall the rules : 
1. Make secure access
2. Secure areas with falling risks
3. Prevent falls into the building
4. Secure the openings in the roof
5. Ensure break resistant surfaces
6. Work on the facades only with safe equipment
7. Inspect scaffolding
8. Use the fall arrest harness correctly
9. Protect yourself from asbestos dust
We focus in particular on the fifth rule : ” we work only on surfaces resistant to breakage  :
– Worker: “on roofs that are not completely resistant to breakage work only after having adopted effective protective measures. In case of doubt, I address my superior before getting on the roof;
– Superior: I make sure that the work stations on the roofs are on surfaces resistant to breakage. If this is not the case, take effective protective measures “.
The sheet, which refers to a Swiss Ordinance on construction works, indicates that “it is forbidden to work on roofing surfaces that are not resistant to breakage”. You can only work “if it has been ascertained with certainty that these are break-resistant covers. If the roof is not totally resistant to breakage, it is necessary to adopt adequate safety measures “.
In particular – indicates the Swiss card – the following materials are not considered break resistant:
– “corrugated fiber cement sheets;
– «Shed» skylights or plastic panels (eg polycarbonate);
– domed skylights in plastic (eg polycarbonate);
– wood-fiber panels and wood-cement panels often used in the under roof covering. “
What shatterproof measures can be applied?
For example:
– “assembly of safety nets below the roof;
– create a walking surface bearing on the roof surface with a total lateral protection;
– load-bearing gangways with parapet on both sides “.
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